Xenia Kontou
Managing Director


Hi to everyone!!

I’m Xenia and I’m the owner of this boutique agency located in Athens.

I started in 1989 working as a model but very soon I was very attracted of what my bookers were doing for me than going to the castings.

So very quickly I asked from my agency if I could work inside learning the business. That happened in 1992. Since then I worked in a couple of strong agencies in town, as a booker and also as a scouter. I traveled all around the world looking for the right faces.

I opened Agencia in 2013 and since then, we work  to achieve the best success.

I still love doing the scouting because I find the discovery of the new next top model, fascinating!

Cleo Lazogeorgou
Model Agent


Hi I’m Cleo,

I was born in Athens.

My studies in Marketing and Public Relations, was a very helpful step for me to get into an advertising company and afterwards, I easily moved in a model agency working as a secretary. In 2001, an urgent replacement of a main booker, put me in a position I love until today.

Booking for me has two goals. One is to make every single model happy for being in this industry and the second, the communication with the clients and the best service.

I love what I do.

Dimitra Spiropoulou
Model / Scouting Agent


I was born and raised in Athens.

In a house full of images, I studied photography. Even if I thought that this is what I loved the most, I finally became a stylist.

After 14 years working almost in every magazine, my life brought me in the booking table.

In my free time I do Pilates and travelling the mountains.

Yiota Eleftheriadou


As a soulful individual, growing up in a house full of art and fashion influences I realized since my early teen years that life is all about expression through aesthetics and harmony.
Life is art! Working in the field of fashion makes me expand my visions while it brings balance and harmony to my artistic nature.

It is in my ethos to search for not only unique faces, but also individual personalities, in order to create longevity in this fast- placed fashion world.

Painting, yoga, capturing the moment through the lens and collect records is what I’m doing in my free time.

Viki Tselepi



My name is Viki Tselepi and I am the Booking Assistant of Agencia.

I come from Thessaloniki but moved to Athens just before my 30 years-old age crises.

I have been working in Fashion Retail for almost 20yrs, mostly in Visual Merchandising, in store and administration roles. I have also worked as an Event Coordinator and as a Procurement Manager.

The transition to a Model’s Agency as a booking assistant has not surprised anyone, as it combines 2 of my favorite interests, Fashion & Organization (totally irrelevant between them, I know)!

Although I am a proud Virgo, I believe that my horoscope Libra has saved the day in many occasions.

Filippos Chatzis
Scouting Agent


Hi I ‘m Filippos and I’m a photographer…

I started in 2010 in Athens.

After building for 2 years my portfolio, I moved to London were I lived and worked for 2 years.
In 2014 , my work , was strong enough to try to New York, a city where I stayed for another 2 years working as assistant of Steven Klein and Ines and Vinoodh. That was a huge experience for me and my photography moved on a higher level…
Then I moved back to London were it turned to a very busy time working VOGUE, L’OFFIEL, L’OFFIEL HOMMES, ELLE, SCHON, Marie Claire, FLASCO, VESTAL etc.

Now, Athens is my basic city, but I travel  a lot, specially to London where most of my connections are.
The last year, a new project which caught my attention, is the discover of new strong faces who may be the future international models.

Scouting is exciting!