Xenia Kontou
Managing Director


Hi to everyone!!

I’m Xenia and I’ m the founder of Agencia.

I started working as a model when I was 17 years old and a few years later  I ”switched” position from a model to accountant in my mother agency.

Not long after though, I became scouter and a booker and I started managing the whole team of the agency I was working for.

I have travelled around the world, meeting agencies, managers and models . All these, led me to open my own agency in 2013.

Agencia is the result of a combination of experience, knowledge, coaching management, respectfulness and most of all, the right team!

Each one of the people who work  here, makes the difference!

Please meet my team…

Cleo Lazogeorgou
Model Agent


Hi I’m Cleo,

I was born in Athens.

My studies in Marketing and Public Relations, was a very helpful step for me to get into an advertising company and afterwards, I easily moved in a model agency working as a secretary. In 2001, an urgent replacement of a main booker, put me in a position I love until today.

Booking for me has two goals. One is to make every single model happy for being in this industry and the second, the communication with the clients and the best service.

I love what I do.

Dimitra Spiropoulou
Model Agent



I was born and raised in Athens.

In a house full of images, I studied photography. Even if I thought that this is what I loved the most, I finally became a stylist.

After 14 years working almost in every magazine, my life brought me in the booking table.

In my free time I do Pilates and travelling the mountains.

Alexandra Marselou
Model Agent


Hello I’m Alexandra,
I was born in Athens in the 90s.

Growing up and witnessing the « birth » of social media, I had a huge interest for its impact and potential in the future. That’s why I studied media and communication.

Working in a model agency was exactly what I had in mind after graduating. I started as the lead of administration, where I learned how to work and communicate with models.

Now that I’m in the booking division, I realize how proud I am of my decision to work in a business that combines all my passions; media, team – work, communication and fashion.

Maria Vasileiadi


Hi I’m Maria!

I was born in Athens at very late of 80’s.

I studied acting in Athens Drama School, and I have participated in several theater and musical performances.

Since I was young, I was really passionate for the fashion industry.

Working for a model agency the past four years, in the commercial department at first and then at the booking division, made me realise how much I love this job.

Being part of this industry expands my creativity and learning skills, as every day is a new day at the office.

In my free time you will find me traveling, attending theater performances, dancing and singing.

Grigoris Georgopoulos


Hey im Grigoris,

I was born in the 90’s in Athens.

Fashion has always been my passion from a very young age. Therefore, I decided to study photography and visual arts at the West Attica Universtiy.

After finishing my studies, I started working as a photographer for the fashion industry.

The opportunity on working in a model agency as a member of the scouting division brought me closer on collaborating with models from all over the world and expand my skills as a photographer.

Aspasia Chrysou


Hey, I’m Aspasia.

I was born and raised in Crete.

A few years ago, I made the exciting move to Athens. My background revolves heavily around sales, where I’ve also pursued my studies in fashion management and marketing. Fashion and the world of modeling have always been a significant part of my life, driven by my passion for reading fashion magazines and staying informed about everything in the fashion industry.

As a result, one step after the other brought me to be a scouter here at Agencia models. Life brings you what you wish afterall…..

Filippos Chatzis
Scouting Agent


Hi I ‘m Filippos and I’m a photographer…

I started in 2010 in Athens.

After building for 2 years my portfolio, I moved to London were I lived and worked for 2 years.
In 2014 , my work , was strong enough to try to New York, a city where I stayed for another 2 years working as assistant of Steven Klein and Ines and Vinoodh. That was a huge experience for me and my photography moved on a higher level…
Then I moved back to London were it turned to a very busy time working VOGUE, L’OFFIEL, L’OFFIEL HOMMES, ELLE, SCHON, Marie Claire, FLASCO, VESTAL etc.

Now, Athens is my basic city, but I travel  a lot, specially to London where most of my connections are.
The last year, a new project which caught my attention, is the discover of new strong faces who may be the future international models.

Scouting is exciting!


Naya Bouradoni
Financial Accounting analyst


Hello, I’ m Naya!

I was born in Athens at very late of 80’s.

My studies in marketing, public relations and communication and my Master of business administration ‘landed’ me in the financial department of Agencia, as both of accountant and analyst in a business which for me is very ‘rich’ of doing many different things.

One of them, which I enjoy every day in that position, is meeting so many different people from countries with different cultures.

Above all, my heart belongs in fashion, as I see myself in the future as a client who will hire the models to work for my clothing company.

In my free time I explore the world!