Ross Hill

Filmmaker – Editor


A dedicated freelancer videographer and content creator, who traverse the realms of visual storytelling with an unyielding passion and a creative edge. He is driven by the profound love for what he does, channeling his energy into every project he undertakes.

Ross specializes in restaurants, among his diverse skills, he thrives in the art of food videography, capturing culinary experiences with artistic eye. From sizzling dishes to exquisite plating, I intricately showcase the essence of gastronomy, adding a flavorful dimension to my visual repertoire.

Within the expansive canvas of visual storytelling, his lens captures the essence of restaurants and small business, skillfully portraying their interiors, exteriors, and the array of services they offer.

Clients he has worked with:

  • Shisan restaurant
  • Nice n easy group
  • Shaquille o neal
  • Eurobank